Rugs For A Pet Friendly Home


If you have pets, then it makes sense that you would be hesitant to invest in expensive furniture. Stains, smells, hairs, and damage to furniture can be frustrating. How to clean pet stain on rug; however, you don’t have to choose between your rugs and your pets. Read below to see how you can keep your carpets clean, your pets, and yourself happy.

One of the most crucial parts of maintaining a clean and tidy looking floor with pets is the material of your rug. The material of your Pet Friendly Area Rugs can make or break whether or not it can withstand your pets. Following are the most popular materials for rugs.

  • Polypropylene

  • Wool and Tufted Rugs

  • Woven Cotton Dhurrie Rugs

  • Cotton and Sheepskin Rugs

Indoor Outdoor Rugs (Polypropylene)

Indoor-outdoor rugs are great because you don’t have to always worry about whether or not your furry friend will mess it up. Indoor-outdoor rugs are robust, which means that your pet won’t be able to scratch them, and their chewing is discouraged. Even if your carpet gets stained or spilled on, you can always wash off the stain with soap and water. With a million different patterns and colors, indoor-outdoor rugs are a great and affordable choice.

Woven Wool And Tufted Rugs

Although it is hard to believe, wool and tufted rugs are some of the best rugs for Pet Friendly Area Rugs. Wool rugs might even be the best option for pet-friendly homes and have been for decades. This is because wool rugs are naturally stain-resistant and can be easily vacuumed. If you have a vacuum than it is perfect for cleaning wool rugs as long as you have the brushes installed for it. Set the brush too as high as it can go as to prevent pulling fibers. Taking a broom to any rug will also how to clean pet stain on rug help loosen up dirt for the vacuum if you vacuum regularly than you won’t have to wash your rug and dog as frequently.

The difference between wool vs. tufted rugs is how they are made. Certain rugs have full loops through the rug and can extend beyond the pile. These loops can catch your pet’s paws an make it so your furry friend can pull apart rug materisals pieces of your rug. Tufted rugs do not have full loops through the rug, but they have seasons where they shed, and the fibers can extend past the pile. This is called springing and is fixed by trimming the rug’s fiber with scissors. Here are some cool ideas for a pet friendly home.

Woven Cotton Dhurrie Rugs

Flatweave rugs and woven cotton dhurries or horse blankets are great for Pet Friendly Area Rugs. These rugs are great because they are light and durable. This means you can quickly move them around and don’t have to worry about creasing the carpet. If your rug is stained, then rug materisals you can easily wash it outside. It is also very easy to pick up your mat and shake off the dirt. Keep in mind that although these rugs are sturdy, they are not tearproof and scratchproof, so keep an eye on your pet if they have that habit. Here are some decorating ideas on pet friendly home decor.

Cotton And Sheepskin Rug

If you don’t like your pet jumping up on the couch or bed, but animal beds are unattractive, try a rug. The number one pet past time is sleeping, and so your pet must have a place to sleep. Cotton and sheepskin rugs are very plush and add wool rugs pet friendly to the room instead of obstructing from it. You will find a sheepskin plush rug to be very plush and cozy. While you may also find that sheepskin attracts more hair, you will see that it is much easier to vacuum sheepskin and cotton rugs than it is to clean other rugs. They might not be as washable as rug materisals wool rugs pet friendly and cotton rugs but they re very comfortable and would go great on either side of your bed. Here are some extra diy decor ideas.

Apart from materials, other factors go into the right pet-friendly rug. Some things to take into account might be the fact that some rugs hide dirt and color better than Washable Rugs others as well as smaller sized rugs and a smaller pile.

Absorbing Colors And Patterned Rugs

Absorbing colors and patterned rugs means that dirt and stains will blend into the rug. It is also important to remember that if your pet sheds, then you may want to coordinate the color of hair to the color of the rug. This allows the hair to blend into the rug, which means it doesn’t have to be cleaned as often.

Patterns add a lot to the rug; you should never opt-in for a solid or plain rug. A patterned rug hides stains and hairs very well. There are so many patterns and colors to choose from that we are sure you will find a carpet rug materisals that you will like. We also do not recommend rugs with tassels and fringe because your pets will be tempted to chew on and play with the border of your rug. Lastly, shag rugs are not an excellent choice for pet owners because pets will chew on and tear apart the shag of the rug.

Large rugs with big piles can be very comfortable but can also be a pain to clean. It has also been proven that Washable Rugs high pile rugs mimic the feel of grass, which encourages your pet to do their business on the rug. High pile rugs are not a good idea for Washable Rugs people with pets in general because the extra fluff will be pulled to shreds from your pets.

Now that we have given a few extra tips on what kind of rugs to use for a pet-friendly house. When looking for a pet-friendly rug for your home, remember to pick a jute rugs pet friendly pattern that will hide stains and scratches from your pet, Also remember to choose a color of your rug that matches your pet. This is great so that if your pet sheds their fur will blend into the Washable Rugs jute rugs pet friendly rug and make it so that you won’t have to clean your rug as often. Good luck looking for your rugs that your furry friend will love.