Layering Creativity With Rugs


How to layer rugs is a very common question this year. One of the hottest trends of 2019, and maybe the decade is layering rugs. Layering rugs may seem like an easy task, and to an extent it is. However, there are a few things everyone should know before attempting this trendy look. There are six necessary steps and six basic styles to aim for when it comes to layering rugs. After following these six easy steps, you will be ready to pick the rugs you will be layering over carpet. Here are a few designs.

How To Layer Rugs

• Start with a milder bottom layer. Most outdoor rugs are good choices because of the designs and materials. You don’t want to overwhelm the room when layering rugs. It is crucial to sustaining a balance in your space. Natural fiber rugs are trendy for a bottom base to layer rugs on.
• Once you have a bottom layer, add a more bold or wild rug to the room to add some exotic flair. You should have more color and stylize in your top rug as opposed to the blander bottom outdoor rug layer. For an extra challenge, here is how to layer cowhide rugs
• Coordinating colors between your furniture and the focal point of your room and your rugs are vital. You’ll want to choose between mixing colors or mixing patterns. Doing both could make your room look a bit circuslike. Here is a Safavieh room that really shows how to layer exotic rugs.
• Sizing of the rugs is possibly the most critical aspect of layering rugs over carpet. You don’t want rugs so big that they look entirely separate from each other, but you also need them to be big enough to layer other rugs on. If you have an oddly shaped foom or a room with more than four walls than multiple rugs might be an option. You can also layer a circular rug on top of a square rug or even a smaller accent rug.
• Not all rooms are the same, and it is essential to work with the specific requirements of the room your layering rugs over carpet in. Depending on the placement of the doors, windows, and other design features can all affect the installation of your bottom layer rug.
• Your first layer should be according to the size and shape of your room. The second layer gives you a little more freedom to place your rug on the bias. You will see precisely how your second rug should be oriented once you have the rug in the room. You can always ask a second and third opinion as well.

Now that we have gone over the necessary steps and guidelines for how to layer rugs, we can get into the six most iconic and beautiful styles for layering rugs in your living room. The original trendy method of how to layer rugs is layering animal or exotic rugs on top of your more standardized look. The most popular type of rug to start with is a natural fiber rug (such as hemp, jute or sisal). Using outdoor rugs can also achieve this look. Having a more neutral color permits a more exciting look without being too overwhelming. You don’t always need to have a bohemian look when your layering rugs. It is crucial, however, when layering patterned rugs to stay subtle and not overly busy in your designs. That being said patterned rugs add a worldly flair to your living room, depending on the style.

The most common way of layering in this way is with a more muted neutral rug underneath a vibrant Turkish rug. Have a long hallway or entry that needs rug layering? Take two long and narrow rugs and angle them slightly offset from each other. Having two rugs instead of one keeps the feel of one large rug without making space feel clustered. Overlapping the two creates a stunning look that incorporates multiple rugs and various designs into space that may have felt smaller before. Large rugs in a living room or bedroom make them feel so much cozier. Place the smaller rug where you get out of bed or below an ottoman. Having this adds a sense of personality to your room. It is essential to have the right balance of style, practicality, and comfort in your living space.

Some people may think that wall to wall carpet doesn’t apply to the trend of layering rugs, but as you can see, placing a rug on top of carpet gives you a great look that warms the room. See our trendy design guides. Many people even layer multiple rugs on top of carpet. It adds a lot of personality and color to the room. (This is also an excellent idea for when you have carpet you don’t like, hide an unsightly stain or change the look of a room, while staying on budget). The final tip for layering rugs is to lay down many rugs, Bohemian style, filling a living room and creating a patchwork of color. Doing this will completely transform your room into an art piece. Everyone will enjoy spending time in this room because of the fun and cozy vibes that fill it.

Layering rugs is so great because you can change your top layer to achieve a different look. It is also not just for one season. Maybe in summer, you use brighter cooler colors than you would use for winter. One good idea is to put some green colors and natural themed decor during spring. You may think that there is a lot involved to pull off this look and you might be feeling pretty overwhelmed. However, it is essential to remember what your doing is for you.

Remember, try to keep it fun decorating your home; you can always change it. Moreover, remember that your home is where you are living, not us. Add your personal touch to your living room. These designs are just a few of our favorite. You can always look on the internet for inspiration for your home. Now, you are ready to layer rugs in your own home. Use the basic guidelines shown here, combined with your sense of style, adventure, and design to create a unique and personal feel in your home.