Bringing Outdoor Rugs In


Can you use outdoor rugs inside? Certain items of home decor can be pretty impractical. Some are expensive, fragile, and just not worth the cost. Rugs can be easily seen as a worthless piece of home decor. Rugs may bring comfort and add a tremendous aesthetic to your room but are often expensive and impractical. Rugs undoubtedly add a lot to a room and pull it together, however picking a rug can be very stressful. If you want a rug that has the best of all worlds, try using outdoor rugs inside. Doing this improves durability, affordability, and mobility. A select group of people that need the extra strength and could use the affordability, and chances are you are in that group. Here are a few situations where using outdoor rugs inside looks great. Here are a few photos of indoor-outdoor rugs.


If you like lots of patterns and different designs than outdoor rugs are great for you. Typically indoor rugs are expensive and eventually, you might get tired of the pattern. If you want to swap out rugs about once a month, you could spend a lot of money just on rugs. In general, a beautiful indoor rug with a pattern can become expensive an out of style quickly. Lots of rug retailers sell trendy and colorful, comfortable outdoor rugs for pretty affordable prices. These are great because even if you swap a rug every week, you won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Also, if you don’t want to get rid of your old carpets, you can use them to layer rugs in your room. Moreover, add rugs to other rooms; these also add extra durability to the rug. Reasons to use outdoor rugs indoors.


If your not a maximalist and want something elegant and practical without overwhelming the room there are rugs for that as well. Some rugs are made of very saturated color luxurious materials, while others are not. Certain more subtle and natural rug materials like jute, sisal, and bamboo look great in almost any setting without attracting too much attention. These types of indoor outdoor rugs are also great for being a bottom layer to add rugs too. If you like the idea of layering rugs, but you don’t know how or if you just are overwhelmed by the concept, check out our article on how to layer rugs. Here are some indoor-outdoor rugs by Jaipur.


Children are hard work, and spills and leaks is a significant part of being a parent. If you are tired of ruining furniture and having to scrub or replace furniture continually, then using outdoor rugs inside is the way to go. Outdoor rugs are made of nonabsorbent and mold-proof rug material, making them an excellent choice for those with messy little ones. So next time someone spills juice on your carpet remember that outdoor rugs are sturdy. If you don’t know how to clean outdoor rugs, remember that since they are waterproof, you can easily hose them off no matter the rug material. Parenting is one of if not the most significant challenge someone can face, let indoor outdoor rugs help make your job a little easier.

Pet owner

Right up there next to parenting is owning a pet; if you do both, we sympathize for you. Pets are arguably messier than small people. Cats and dogs scratch and tear stuff and pee all over and across your residence. Some pets are worse than others, but almost all animals have their fair share of accidents. Not only does the stain resistance of indoor outdoor rugs make them a great choice, but they are sturdy and typically have less fluff than other rugs. This means they are not going to be ripped apart by your furry friend. Pet fur is fine, as long as it is on the pet and not all over your home. An indoor outdoor rug won’t stop your pet from shedding, but it will make it easier to clean. Indoor rugs are made in a way where a loose strand of hair sticks to it like velcro. Outdoor rugs are quite the opposite; because of the rug material, pet hair is as easy to clean as vacuuming. This adds a clear answer to the question of how to clean outdoor rugs.


Indoor rugs can often cost a hefty price that not all of us are willing or able to spend. Indoor outdoor rugs are almost always more affordable than outdoor rugs. In this case, the price difference is not due to lower quality and cheap work conditions. Materials like wool and linen carry a higher premium due to accessibility and because they are often harder to work with. And as we mentioned in the maximalist section, there is still a wide variety of rugs with patterns and designs in all sorts of different colors and combinations.

Neat freak

If you are driven by logic and the left side of your brain, then outdoor rugs are high inside of your home. We already know that stains, spills, scratches, and tears are not an issue with outdoor rugs. This means that your perfectly parallel paradise will be clean and pristine. And even if there is something that hurts your rug, it is so affordable that you can always change it. Outdoor rugs offer such a variety that plain muted rugs are not hard to find. And if you ever want to change your style, swap it out!

Generally clumsy person

This may be someone your living with, such as a roommate or spouse, but don’t be afraid to admit it if you’re a little bit clumsy. Stains, spills, and falls can ruin furniture and cost a fortune. Don’t fall prey to feeling like you have to use a specific type of rug for a particular kind of room. Outdoor rugs even have their own rug pads to cushion those occasional trips. If you don’t know what rug pads are suitable for or if you don’t know what kind to buy, you can check out our article on why you need them here.

Can you use outdoor rugs inside? Yes! Outdoor rugs are not a very good name for these types of rugs. They are ideally suited to stay indoors for a fraction of the cost. Indoor outdoor rugs indoors may be the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to home decor. If you are still wondering how to clean outdoor rugs, then you may not even need too. If you are still on the fence, think of it as getting an extra feature for a rug but at an even lower cost.