How To Pick The Right Lighting Fixtures


One of the most important aspects of life is light. Light is more to us than a thing. Light commonly represents safety and purity. In the bible, Jesus refers to himself as light fixtures. But light is also simple, and we can always trust that the sun will rise and that even when it sets, we have the moon to light the way.

Moving away from coordinating light fixtures theology, let’s talk about the practicality coordinating light fixtures of lighting, specifically in your home. Lights can easily be a centerpiece of a room. (e.g., chandelier) And recently, colored kitchen lighting has blown up due to brands like Philips integrating lighting into your home. It is very common now to see a smart home with lighting and temperature coordinating light fixtures controlled by your phone.

Although technological advancements we have are helpful, we still have to figure out how we want to light our homes. And unfortunately choosing light fixtures is not as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Selecting the placement, theme, and aesthetic of your light fixtures can be pretty stressful, and we cant choose for you, what we can do is give a list of our ten tips to determine or improve your outdoor lighting. Here are a few affordable home designs to inspire you.

Know how much room you have.

The height of your ceiling plays an important role when it comes to picking a light for your room coordinating light fixtures . If you are choosing a hanging lamp, it may have adjustable cables or rods; however, not all do. When using light exterior light fixtures fixtures a hanging light on an 8-foot ceiling, it should hang down about 20 to 22 inches. If you have a ceiling taller than 8 feet than add 3 inches to the length for each foot higher your ceiling is. If you have a limit lower than 8 feet than a hanging light probably isn’t the option for you.

Lighting a Table

If you are placing a light or lights over a table or counter and the lights hang down we recommend 28 to 34 inches between the bottom of the light and the top of the table’s surface. If you have small lights you can go a little bit lower and vice versa for bigger lights. Also, remember to leave space for centerpieces if you wish to have something in the middle of the table.

Make plans

If you are planning to build or renovate than find the light fixtures you are going to use before you start. Doing this helps a whole lot, especially if you are going to use hanging lights because you will know where to rout the cables. For example, if you want hanging outdoor lighting over a table or kitchen counter, that should be taken account of before construction starts. Planning these things is also more affordable exterior light fixtures because you can have your home builder install the light for likely much less than a standalone kitchen lighting electrician.

Swaging Lights

A great way to achieve modern lighting without changing your homes electrical is by mounting a bar and swaging your lights loosely across it. Make sure to account for the extra length needed in the wire of the lights to achieve this look. If you are going for a modern/industrial look than try using a metal pipe as your bar. If you like the idea, but don’t know how to swag lights or set them up there are many guides online that will take you step by step through the process of picking and installing light fixtures.

Spice it up

You want to try and steer clear of dining room lighting only using downlighting. This is because only downlighting can often cause harsh brightness and create unpleasant shadows across the room. An excellent alternative to this type of kitchen lighting would be soft spill lighting perhaps angled up at the ceiling. This can also add a nice touch of ambiance to your home. Another great option for softer lighting is mounting some lamps to your walls. Doing this is another excellent way to make your exterior light fixtures room feel cozy and not overwhelming.

Know your glow

Not only do you need to find the right light fixture, but you also want to find the right hue bulb. Some bulbs have more orange warmer hues while others have colder more white views. Lately, however, brands like Philips are making an adjustable light bulb. White and color ambiance bulbs can change through sixteen million different colors. So no matter what kind of style you have, you can adjust the brightness and color of your lights just by the touch of a button. Here are a few affordable home designs to inspire you.

Lighting a runway

Walking upstairs at night can be a severe hazard. Sometimes if you can’t see the stairs, it is really easy to trip and fall on the stairs. Not only are the lights practical, but they also add a beautiful design element. A few ways you can light up the stairs is by placing kitchen lighting on the sides of the stairs, putting light strips under the steps, or placing strips under the railing.


Placing lights under objects is no recent trend; people do it under cars all the time. However, placing lights under cabinetry in your home is a pretty contemporary idea. Adding these lights is so great because the furniture looks so elegant outdoor lighting. If you have underglow, it adds a stunning effect that makes the cabinetry look like its floating. And it has a practical use as well. If you are in a room late and don’t want to turn on your lights, use the strips to light the way. Newer light fixtures solutions even have motion sensors that activate the lights as soon as you enter the room.

  • Don’t forget the color

A touch of color can add a lot to a room. You can do a lot of things to add color to your space. Whether you want to have colored light or just a colored fixture. A lamp with color can be a centerpiece in your home. A bright hue in dining room lighting an otherwise dull room can add a sense of personality and interest. There are many outdoor lighting charts on how to change light fixture about what colors create certain emotions. These colors can be tied to the distinction of the room or just to the theme of the room how to change light fixture. Here is a Light Sizing Guide to help you find the right size.