How To Furnish Without Breaking The Bank


There is a typical misconception that the best furniture is expensive. Furniture does take up an ample amount of budget for a new home. However, there are many ”diamonds in the rough” when it comes to affordable furniture. Decorating your home is about you and making your residence feel cozy and unique. So, unpack those boxes and follow these tips to have a high home-style without busting the bank! Here are some design tips for decor on a budget
Arguably the three most fundamental rooms in the house and by far the most furnished are your living room, dining room, and bedroom. We are going to walk you through how to furnish these three different rooms in affordable ways to create a cozy and homey look.

Living room

Living room furniture holds a particularly special place in your home decor. It should be comfortable, fashionable, and inviting. A living room should be a unified space and display the theme and personality of the house. Each piece of furniture, art, and decor should bring their own touch to the room while being able to come together to create a unified space. Your living room needs enough room to fit friends and family while not feeling empty to you.
Every living room needs a sofa. The couch behaves as a centerpiece for the place of which you should furnish your room around. Cotton and linen fabrics are excellent choices and can be affordable, durable, and comfortable. If you enjoy the feel and look of leather, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a leather sofa, try PU leather. PU stands for polyurethane; this means that the fibrous part of the leather is coated in polyurethane, making it more affordable and durable than real leather without the high cost. If you often have guests, then consider finding a sofa that folds out to a bed to save space in your home.


Ottomans, coffee tables, and side tables bring a lot to the room. Many tables add personality and warmth while adding storage space as well. No matter what style of table you end up purchasing try and look for a multi-purpose table to get the biggest bang for your buck. Tables also serve as a great canvas to place decor on top of or store furnishings like blankets inside.
Lamps, rugs, and other decor really tie the room together. Area rugs are essential to your room and add the most personality for the lowest cost. Adding some accent color is simple through artwork, wall hangings, pillows, and blankets as well as lampshades and small decorations. If you don’t feel comfortable picking out a rug or rug sizes, check out our article on how to pick the right rug size. Recently many online retailers such as Amazon have started carrying mass varieties of affordable artwork. The artwork is a great way to add personality to a room.
A dining room does not have to be an extravagant place. The design and size of your dining room are interchangeable, depending on how many guests you need to entertain. However, you always want the dining area to be a space to enjoy food and create memories.

Dining Room

At the center of every dining room is the dining table. This critical piece of furniture has the most significant effect on the place if for no other reason than that it is the largest item in a room. You don’t want to cut too many corners when it comes to your dining table, and you always want to have extra room. Great deals on dining room table can be hard to find, primarily to ship, and some people may not want to build one themselves. An excellent way to find a table for less than average is by purchasing a top separate from a base. Many brands such as IKEA sell a wide range of dining room table top furniture for less than one hundred dollars sometimes they offer free shipping. Here are some home decor ideas for when you’re on a budget.
Although unnecessary, a buffet or console in your dining room really adds to space. This also adds a lot of practicality for when entertaining. When with guests store food, drinks, and maybe silverware and plates on the console. When you are not entertaining, you can use the console for displaying something such as flowers, art, or even artificial fruit baskets. A console or buffet can be as simple as a wall-mounted shelf, but it adds a lot to the room and really gives it definition.


The final room you need to furnish is the bedroom. Your bedroom needs to be a comfortable and practical place. You spend almost half of your day asleep in your bed, prioritizing the room. If you are working in a smaller space, furniture with lots of built-in storage is crucial.
Your bed is possibly the most essential piece of furniture in your home. Your bed sets the theme for the rest of the room and maybe the whole household. You spend more time in your bed than anywhere else. Bedframes are not typically very affordable but may be worth the price premium for features. Many bed frames have built-in drawers beneath or cubbies in the headboard. You can save lots of money by using your bed for storage instead of a dresser. The rest of your furniture and decor in your bedroom should match your bed, Nightstands with drawers and space for items can also save money on storage.
Once you have your furniture in mind for your bedroom, simple things like curtains, bedding, a rug, and pillows push your bedroom to the next level as far as decor goes. An area rug adds depth, personality, and texture while making the room more comfortable and cozier. If you don’t have enough in the budget for a full area rug than you can add two runner rugs on either side of your bed and not waste space underneath the bed. If you don’t know what size of rug to look for or if you don’t know how to position a rug, you can check out our article regarding choosing the correct size rug, room by room, for helpful hints on sizes and layouts.

Now you know a little bit more about furnishing on a budget. Remember some of the tips we have given you and be creative with your room layouts and design. Keep an eye out for sales and lower price points on furniture. The market for furniture is so vast that we are confident you will find items that work together for an affordable value. Here are some more affordable decorating ideas.