How To Choose The Right Rug Size


Are you looking for a new rug for a room in your residence? Sometimes choosing an area rug or trying to to find the right rug size for your living room can be a daunting task, especially with an odd size rug, no need to worry though we have a room by room guide on how to pick the most accurate rug size for your room!

There are two essential things you need to learn before looking for rugs though, especially with a custom rug. You need to know how to choose the right rug size and how to position your rug in your room. The right rug can pull a place together and unify the furniture and decor.


An excellent way to find measurements for your rug is to lay down a border of painting tape. You should leave about eighteen inches between the edge and the wall. If you are planning on bringing an outdoor rug inside, you should anticipate the border to be bigger and leave about a two-inch room for error. Once the tape is set down on the ground, use it to find the right measurements that you need to search for.Rug Size Guide

You may not see the same size that you are looking for, but you should shoot for as similar an aspect ratio as your space. If you want a custom size rug, you can often find a rug you like and ask to have it made to your custom size. If you have a larger area than rugs might be expensive, so you can always buy a cheaper flatweave and layer a smaller rug on top of it. If you don’t know about layering rugs, you can check out our article on layering rugs.


Your rug should be the same size as your living area. Doing this sets the space as a meeting area. Doing this also eliminates dead space in the room. Sometimes the room is weirdly shaped you may need odd size rugs. A custom rug is often a common choice.


If possible, when choosing an area rug look for a rug that can fit all the legs of the furniture on it in a living room creates an unmatched look and unifies the furniture and the room. It is essential to separate your couch and chairs from each other by a few inches when using such a large rug. Some odd size rugs such as a large area rug is excellent because it adds distinction to the room.

If you have a smaller room or a large area rug is not an option, try using a smaller rug and position the furniture in a way that the front legs are on the rug and the back legs are off. Of course, you must always keep all legs of an ottoman or table on the rug.


Usually, we would not recommend using a layout where your furniture is off the rug. However, if you have a smaller room with furniture against a wall having all of your furniture off the rug could be a reasonable option. Depending on your room size and shape, this layout might work for you. When choosing a plan for your furniture and rugs, you have to make some executive decisions on how you want to set up your living room.

The last layout that we have for living rooms is for a circular rug.
Although circular rugs might be unconventional, it can be a good choice for oddly shaped rooms. Just make sure to get a large enough rug to accommodate all your furniture on the rug.

Those are all of our living room designs, but remember to add your touch to our designs and experiment with your decor until you find a design you like.

The first layout for bedrooms has all the legs of the furniture on the rug. This layout works best with king beds. Try and find a large enough rug to fit the bed and nightstands on the rug when the nightstands are placed perpendicular to the bed. This design is a more intricate look to pull off, but it looks great in a large room or master bedroom.

Uncovered Floors

If you have a similar layout, but your floors are a great feature of the room find a rug that has a six by nine-foot aspect ratio and places it where it goes just up to the nightstands. This layout works great for rooms where you don’t want to cover up your flooring entirely but still want the comfort of a rug if you have a bed more extensive than a queen you may need to buy a larger rug while keeping the aspect ratio. Here are a few room ideas to help you choose a good rug size.

If you are trying to achieve the look of a large area rug but on a tighter budget, you can purchase two runner rugs and place them on either side of the bed. This design is also great if you have another large area rug in the middle of the room. This layout is very versatile and is excellent for layering. If you are interested in learning how to layer rugs, you can check out our article on layering rugs if you want to learn more. Here is a sizing guide for the most standard rug sizes.

Our last few designs are for the dining room. Dining rooms are great places for rugs because they are distinct as a social space and rugs always warm up a dedicated social space. Dining rooms often need odd size rugs to match the room. Choosing an area rug for a ding room is one of the hardest rugs to look for and usually requires a custom size. That being said, here are a few tips for positioning rugs in the dining room.

Dining Room

The first design for the dining room is by using a rug that has the same sizing ratio as your table. If you have a rectangular table, then use a rectangular rug, on the other hand, if you have a circular table, you should use a circular rug. One of the most important things to remember when putting a rug in a dining room is to have a bog enough rug to fit all of your seats on. Rug size is critical for dining rooms. Make sure to leave enough room for when the chairs are pulled out. Another way to place a rug in a dining room is if you have a circular table, you put a square rug underneath a circular table.

Now that you know a little more about how to measure and choose an area rug per room, you are ready to start looking for carpets for your home, and maybe know what to look for in a custom rug. Remember to leave some extra space and make your measurements a little bigger for layering rugs. If you would like to know more about layering rugs you can check out our article for in-depth instructions to layer rugs. Here are some other rug sizes and how to choose them.